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Mike Herrera from MXPX came in the studio a while ago and played a couple songs. Here is one of them. Ace’s Up. It’s like cool and junk.

I chatted for a bit with @mikeherreraTD from @MXPX. He also played a couple songs. It was like awesome to the max.

I have been wanting to address what I believe to be the most important part of any great album, and that’s the opening song. As they say, ‘Put your best food forward’. A good opening track will engage, energize + hook the listener, all while setting the overall tone for a record. Needless to say, it is my favorite aspect of any album. 

Today I single out BAYSIDE's track Already Gone off of their 2011 album Killing Time. Three seconds into this song and you are hooked. It has all of the energy and intensity of any song in Bayside’s library. Add the overall, pound-for-pound awesomeness of Killing Time as a whole (I’d argue their best effort… Sorry Walking Wounded lovers) and the refreshed and unapologetic lyrical prowess of a recently divorced Anthony Raneri, and you have quite an amazing album. 

Runner Up: Hello Shitty off of Bayside's 2005 self titled album. 

Millencolin- The Downhill Walk

New Millencolin B-side, The Downhill Walk. 

Source SoundCloud / Epitaph Records

The Wonder Years perform Don’t Let Me Cave In! I brought them into the studio, they played and we hugged. The End. 

This song is pretty rad and will be included in their upcoming album Handwritten, due out in July. 

New The Offspring song… “Crusing California (Bumping in my Trunk)… Wow… This is really bad. Don’t underestimate how sad I am. :(

Marshall Amp Fridge! I may have sold out, but this fridge in my office is going to win me back all my punk street cred!

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